Arky’s color-along schooltime fun

is our way to share the fun of Arky’s world and the creative process that cartoons are all about.
It is:
-an innovative way to encourage creative expression in the classroom and to introduce young children (and maybe parents) to a positive side of the internet..
-a format that allows it to be a useful tool in teaching language skills
-a new source of discussion for the teacher to challenge the class with, regarding both the content and the medium of the story.

It is all free of charge! Please have the teachers contact us at and we will send them the PDF of all the images in black and white that the kids can color ANY WAY THEY WANT with any colors or medium they want; fully or partially. There is no “wrong” way to do this!
Just please scan the colored images and send the file back to us at along with the information about the school and class you want to be included in the credits (first names only if the children sign the drawings, please). We will put together a final version crediting your school and make it available on this page of the Arky Arch website for them to show their parents and friends!
This is our first episode: “Beater’s Big Test”; a PDF with about 67-68 panels in black and white to color. (English and Italian versions vary slightly…look at them both they are fun!)
We look forward to having a gallery of many school’s interpretations of the Arky Arch characters and world; if you have any suggestions please send them too!