BIG Arky


Here at the Borgata Gorrea CBA Studio in Clavesana, Italy, we begun a tradition of making large scale “artwork”to provide usable and insipiring platforms to exploit the inspiring spaces and beautiful views in the area.
Matteo Barale, our studio engineer, created the welded steel truss design in many versions and interations to take into account the need to weld Big Arky together offsite and transport it here. Besides fitting under the cement panels with some tolerances, the dimensions of the final assembly pieces also need to conform to the size of the galvanizing baths.
We decided to place the Big Arky next to the generator of the Studio, making it appear as if he has just climbed them or is about to descend.
Our hope is that will become a choice for “selfie” addicts everywhere and that communities with a round-about island or other public space will want to have a copy for their own.